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The Men of Action program focuses on five pillars: Social Networking, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Mindset and Finance to make you a well rounded man with an abundant lifestyle.

Michael Sartain - Men Of Action

About Course:

Who Is Michael Sartain?

Michael Sartain – Performance Coach

Early Life

Michael went to the University of Texas at Austin from 1996 until 2000 and graduated with a BBA in Management Information Systems.

He graduated college at the end of the Dot Com Bubble and the beginning of a severe collapse in the job market. The lack of jobs led him to be a DJ, and later a manager, at a gentlemen’s club in Austin.

During this period Michael learned the importance of clear, direct communication, the importance of having a strong speaking voice and how to manage people in very challenging circumstances.

The Military

After witnessing the tragedies of 9/11, Michael left Austin in 2004 and joined the United States Air Force as a KC-135 navigator. He served in the Air Force for seven years – achieving the rating of Instructor Navigator and obtaining the rank of Captain.

He was the recipient several accommodations including Navigator of the year for his squadron in 2008, an Air Force Achievement Medal as a planning officer during the Summer Surge in Afghanistan in 2009 and several other air medals for his 400+ combat flight hours over Iraq and Afghanistan.

During this period, Michael learned the importance of good leadershipintegrityextreme ownership and determination.

It was also during this period Michael learned the incredible destructive power of poor leadership and passive aggressive behavior.


In 2011 Michael left the Air Force and moved to Las Vegas becoming an event host and eventually a self help coach. Michael started off hosting small pageants and progressively increasing the scope of the events all the way to very large swimsuit competitions and nightclub events in Vegas. Eventually he became the MC and recruiter for some extremely large parties and charity events in Los Angeles as well.

During this period Michael learned the importance of high level networkingvalue arbitragebuilding trust with clients and sponsors as well as the extreme importance of an abundance mindset.


In 2013 Michael started studying finance as a second career and in 2015 he started taking on clients as a money manager.

He has studied under Tom Sosnoff (the founder of the Think or Swim and TastyWorks platforms) who is the foremost expert on stock option trading on the planet. Michael is currently one of the Follow Traders on the TastyWorks platform as well as a portfolio manager for a proprietary fund.

From finance, Michael learned the incredible importance of statistical and quantitative analysis with regards to decision making in all areas of life. He also learned how to operate in several different financial markets including equities, futures, crypto, options, bonds and currencies.

Guest Appearances And Podcast

Since 2008, Michael has been asked to be a speaker or guest instructor for several different self help programs. He would speak on subjects including evolutionary psychology, astronomy, finance, dating, enlightenment, sociology, networking, human attraction, physics and the military.

Michael is extremely well rounded in terms of knowledge. He completes between 45-55 books a year on every subject imaginable.

He then started the Michael Sartain Show podcast which has become a well-known podcast, seeing guests such as Dan Bilzerian, Tai Lopez, Vegas Dave, Dr. David Buss, Jay Cutler, Coffee and Cleavage, Amanda Nicole, plus many more.

From these experiences Michael learned the importance of intellectual curiositygratitudehumility as well as the importance of public speaking. He also learned about win-win situations, teaching others and the importance of giving back through charity and education.

Men of Action

In 2019 Michael created the Men Of Action program. The program was a culmination of all these lessons and many more.

The Men of Action program focuses on five pillars: Social Networking, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Mindset and Finance to make you a well rounded man with an abundant lifestyle.

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