Piloting AI in Marketing – Paul Roetzer

Piloting AI in Marketing – Paul Roetzer .The short answer is quick-win pilot projects with narrowly defined use cases and high probabilities of success. 

From audience targeting, to content strategy, to SEO, media buying, writing, design, and forecasting conversions and churn, hundreds of activities marketers perform every day are being intelligently automated by smarter technologies.

At the same time, AI enables businesses to deliver the personalization and experiences that consumers expect, while enhancing creativity, innovation, and decision making.

Don’t wait for the marketing world to get smarter around you. Now is the time to understand and pilot AI in your company.

Piloting AI in Marketing - Paul Roetzer

What You Get:

– Course 1: Intro to AI for Marketers
– Course 2: State of Marketing AI Industry
– Course 3: Piloting AI: The Use Case Model
– Course 4: Piloting AI: The Problem-Based Model
– Course 5: Marketer + Machine: How To Buy Smarter Marketing Tech
– Course 6: The Future of Business is Ai, or Obsolete
– Course 7: Intro to AI for Advertising
– Course 8: Intro to AI for Analytics
– Course 9: Intro to AI for Communications and PR
– Course 10: Intro to AI for Content Marketing
– Course 11: Intro to AI for Customer Service and Experience
– Course 12: Intro to AI for Ecommerce
– Course 13: Intro to AI for Email Marketing
– Course 14: Intro to AI for Sales
– Course 15: Intro to AI for SEO
– Course 16: Intro to AI for Social Media Marketing
– Course 17: AI and You


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