Submission Secrets – Lovers Guide

Submission Secrets – Lovers Guide . File Size – 24.0 MB .

Attention: Men struggling with rejection, guys who’re anxious to approach women, single gents over 25 looking to improve their ‘game’.
Steal my NEW predictable and reliable loophole that 1149 average guys used to attract and seduce top tier women in just 28 days or less, even if you’re terrified of talking to them

Submission Secrets - Lovers Guide

Here are some of the secrets you’ll learn inside:

– The real reason why women “swindle” nice guys, and date minimum wage losers who live in parents basement. and how you can use that to your advantage
– Uncover a woman’s perspective on dating. Discover exactly what women want, how they think, and how to create an authentic and genuine connection with them
– Why so-called “seduction experts” are dead wrong about female body language — and how, by doing the exact opposite of what they say, you can twist it into a powerful, instant connection with ANY woman
– An exact fail-proof formula to handle shit tests like “are you seeing other girls”, “what’s your body count”, and countless other
– A dead (but often ignored) giveaway to know for a fact if a woman is into you, or if she’s draining money out of your pocket only to friendzone you in the end
– A simple psychological secret that makes a woman twice as likely to give you her Instagram or phone number
– The top 7 ways to flirt and create chemistry with any woman — and none of them require making a clown out of yourself or pretending to be something you’re not
– How to create an irresistible online dating profile that will attract the right women
– A unique method that helps you reignite the spark in your relationship or marriage even if you’re both on the verge of getting divorced
– The best conversation starters to keep the conversation flowing on a first date, even if you’re introverted
– The top 4 things that subtly show a woman is going to be problematic to hang out, date, or be in a relationship with
– The only thing you must do if you want to “seal the deal” on the first date, and exact steps on how to effortlessly do it
– The little-known mistake that 96.2% of guys make when DM’ing a girl on Instagram for the first time
– Fail-proof IG “hacks” to supercharge your profile and guarantee dates with 7s and 8s, even if you have less than 200 followers and just 4 photos
– The correct answer to a crucial question — who should pay on the first date? (it’s not what you think)
– And so much more.

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