System Mastery Course – Pollinate Trading

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Systems Mastery Course

Systems Mastery Course – Pollinate Trading , The Systems Mastery Course gives you what other gurus refuse to give you. Teaching you how to build robust trading systems, that take you from guessing and gambling in the markets to predictable, repeatable systems. Like the Pros. It also gives you the consistent results, you desire and provides you with all the tools needed to set you aside from 95% of traders leaving you in the top 5% of traders being successful. 

System Mastery Course - Pollinate Trading

System Mastery

1 free month of the trading lab a value of $297

6.5hrs of content

FVBO is a proven profitable strategy

VBO 2.0 is a proven profitable strategy

No expensive software

Custom spreadsheet

Learn how to match your system to you

Build a real trading business so you can build the life you want

Stop buying signals build your own proven system

Define your belief systems

Learn how the professionals manually backtest

Chose to build a part-time trading system or full-time trading system

Understand R multiples and proper position sizing

How to rate your system

Learn price action

Understand data entry

A system you will use for the rest of your trading career

A full table of contents so you can see exactly what you will get.

1.0 The Birth of Z42 – 48 minutes

  • My trading journey
  • “The turn” from unprofitable to consistent
  • The Z42 trading system that generated 50% annual returns during the depths of the financial crisis
  • Defining trading success for yourself

2.0 Matching A System To Your Objectives – 20 minutes

  • Outsourcing a system
  • End of Month/End of Quarter systems
  • Swing trading systems

3.0 Conducting A Proper Backtest – 29 minutes

  • Position sizing with “R”
  • System quality number (SQN)
  • How to generate performance data
  • 30-30-30 Method
  • Performance thresholds for going live
  • Paper trading a new system
  • Market categorization

3.1 Backtesting In Different Market Regimes— 55 minutes

  • Using bollinger bands to define a market regime
  • Adding Keltner channels to better define the regime

3.2 Inputting Data — 58 minutes

  • Entering backtrades manually
  • Volatility Breakout trades
  • Failed Breakout trades
  • Hammers/Stars trades
  • Learn the relationship between stop size and position size
  • I go bar by bar and show you exactly how to input data into the backtest template provided for all course takers

4.0 Failed Breakout Trading — 31 minutes

  • Identifying the setup
  • Russell example
  • EURUSD example
  • GBPJPY example
  • TSLA example

4.1 Hammers and Stars Trading — 49 minutes

  • Identifying the setup in trending and sideways markets
  • Russell example
  • SPY example

4.2 Volatility Breakout Trading — 28 minutes

  • Identifying the setup
  • EURUSD example
  • TSLA example
  • Oil example
  • Apple example
  • Bitcoin example

5.0 From Backtest To Live Trading — 27 minutes

  • Paper Trading with 0 Errors
  • Back Trading within Trading View
  • Live Paper Trading
  • Live Trading

5.1 Errors — 6 minutes

  • Defining true errors vs trading losses

6.0 What Does Trading Success Look Like? — 15 minutes

  • Matching a system to your objectives
  • Determining if a system has passed a paper trading test
  • Measuring success in live trading

7.0 Taking Care of The Tools — 25 minutes

  • Establishing a pre trade routine
  • Building a trading station
  • Intraday discipline
  • Committing to the process
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XL 42-45 36-40 43.5-47.5
XXL 45-48 40-44 47.5-51.5


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