Affiliate Marketing – Google Ads & Tiktok Ads

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Affiliate Marketing – Google Ads & Tiktok Ads

Affiliate Marketing – Google Ads & Tiktok Ads . Learn product research and competitor analysis
Basic SEO concepts for affiliate marketing

How to start affiliate marketing business from scratch
How to run Google Ads campaign
How to run Tiktok Ads campaign

Affiliate Marketing - Google Ads & Tiktok Ads

Course content : Overview

Section 1: Introduction Section
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 What is Affiliate Marketing?
Section 2: List of Top Affiliate Networks
Lecture 3 Top Affiliate Networks to Choose
Section 3: Let’s start our affiliate marketing journey!
Lecture 4 Introduction to Clickbank Affiliate Network
Lecture 5 Product Research Methods
Lecture 6 Analysis on Competitors
Section 4: Creating High Quality Landing Page
Lecture 7 Building Landing Page Using Systeme.io
Section 5: Basic SEO Concepts
Lecture 8 Searching Engine Optimisation Methods
Section 6: Paid Traffics vs Organic Traffics
Lecture 9 Paid Traffics and Organic Traffics
Section 7: Full Tutorial: Setting Up Ads Campaign
Lecture 10 Set Up Google Ads Campaign
Lecture 11 Set Up Tiktok Ads Campaign
Section 8: Full Tutorial: Finding Instagram Influencer Shoutout
Lecture 12 Find Instagram Influencer for Your Shoutout Post
Section 9: Conclusion and Having the Right Mindsets
Lecture 13 Sum Up of What We’ve Learnt


No previous running ads campaign experience is required
Anyone with willingness to learn and put in the effort


In this course, you will learn step by step on how to set up your affiliate marketing business and generating high quality traffics using Google Ads, Tiktok Ads, and Instagram influencer shoutout. Firstly, you will learn how to conduct product research to find the right niche, high demand, and avoiding oversaturated products. As a continuation of filtering oversaturated products, you will also learn how to check and analyse the competition among your fellow affiliate marketers promoting the same products, in this stage, you will learn how to use Google Trends, Ad Targeting, and Google Ads keyword planner tool to perform full detailed analysis on keyword search volumes and CPC (cost per click). Furthermore, you will also be taught about basic SEO (searching engine optimisation) concepts that you need to succeed in affiliate marketing field.

After learning all necessary knowledge and skills to start, you will take your first action by choosing your Clickbank product, then, followed by building high quality landing page since most advertisement networks do not allow you to do direct linking to your affiliate link. Afterward, you will also be taught different type of traffics, organic and paid traffics, however this course particularly concentrating mainly on paid traffics. Therefore, at the end of the course, you will be guided step by step on how to set up and run Google Ads and Tiktok Ads campaign. Last but not least, you will also be guided on how to navigate through shoutcart platform to find high quality Instagram influencer to do shoutout post promoting you affiliate offer.

Who this course is for:

People who are interested in building their affiliate marketing side hustle
People who want to learn how to run Google Ads and Tiktok Ads campaign
People who are interested in SEO and product research methods for affiliate marketing

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