Cold Email Wizard – Twitter Masterclass

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Cold Email Wizard - Twitter Masterclass

What You Get :

I made $94,812 from one Twitter thread that I spent $10,000 of ads on
And I’m going to teach you exactly how I did it.
This is a 4 hour live class being held on Thursday May 5th 9am EST and Thursday May 12th at 9am EST.
(Both classes have now been recorded, and all purchases moving forward will receive both Telegram access and a 1-on-1 call with me)
It won’t just be this one thread I’m teaching you.
I’ve made $2 million in sales of which 85% is directly attributable to my 75,000 follower Twitter account Cold Email Wizard

We’ll be going over.

– All the ads I’ve ever run, what has worked, and what has not
– How to make an offer on Twitter & Twitter ads that actually works (no, it’s not your typical “give a guarantee”)
– What to write in your Twitter ads
– How to actually make the Twitter ads
– The targeting hack that’s not available in the Twitter ads manager
– Conversion tracking
– How to “do Twitter” and grow to 75,000 followers
– Live writing ads for YOUR offers and MAKING your offers

Types of companies this will work for:

– Digital agencies
– Course sellers
– SaaS owners
– Anybody selling B2B services

What this will NOT work for:
– Ecommerce brands
– Anybody selling an offer to consumers (DTC or B2C)

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