Geoff Cudd – AI Writing Course for Bloggers & Digital Marketers

Geoff Cudd – AI Writing Course for Bloggers & Digital Marketers . File Size – 2.78 GB . 

Geoff Cudd – AI Writing Course for Bloggers & Digital Marketers

What You Get:

– How to use AI to ramp up your content production without sacrificing quality
– How to edit content and avoid AI detectionand penalties from search engines
– Processes to create different types of AI content(blog posts, social media, product descriptions, etc.)
– Which tools are bestsuited for different content types
– Exactly how to use the top AI writing toolswith over-the-shoulder demos
– How to use AI to help prepare your online course


– Exclusive discounts on AI writing tools (not available anywhere else)
– Checklists for writing AI blog posts, emails, ads and social media, and product descriptions
– Checklist of how to use AI for course creators
– Checklist for editing and optimizing AI content
– Cheatsheet of our favorite prompts to create content using ChatGPT

Course Curriculum

– Welcome – Our Favorite Tools Overview
– Introduction – What to Expect
– High-Level Approaches to AI Blog Content
– Using AI for Long-Form Content
– Planning Your Content for AI Blog Posts
– Our Favorite AI Tool for Blog Content
– Using Content at Scale for Blog Posts
– Using Jasper AI for Blog Posts

– Using AI for Short-Form Content
– Our Favorite Tool for Short-Form Content
– Using AI for Email Copy
– Using AI for Product Descriptions
– Using AI for Ad + Social Copy
– Using AI for Course Creation

– Editing & Optimizations
– AI Detection – What You Should Know
– Tool-Specific Detailed Walkthroughs

– Using ChatGPT
– Content at Scale Detailed Walkthrough
– Jasper AI Detailed Walkthrough

– Summary + Downloadable References

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