Harry Coleman – Ecom Beast 2.0

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Harry Coleman – Ecom Beast 2.0

Harry Coleman – Ecom Beast 2.0 . File Size – 5.31 GB .

Harry Coleman - Ecom Beast 2.0


  • Module 1 – Mindset Fundamentals
  • Module 2 – Building a High Converting Website
  • Module 3 – Product Research Academy
  • Module 4 – Taking Your Store To the Next Level
  • Module 5 – Ecom Beast Facebook Ads Academy
  • Module 6 – Email Marketing
  • Module 7 – Business Operation and Growth
Module 1: Mindset 
In this section, Harry breaks down common social myths and helps you to believe in yourself, become highly motivated and harness your ability for success.
Mindset is a very important aspect of running a business as you need to stay motivated when the chips are down.
Harry also covers Understanding the Buying Process of Customer Psychology and whether you should choose a General Store or Niche Store.
Module 2: Building Your Store
Learn how to set up a high-converting Ecommerce store without any tech experience along with all of the must have apps to increase your profits. You’ll also learn how to crush the competition and how to write product descriptions that get visitors instantly to buy from you.
Great little touches in this module are things like the importance of colors and great tips on how to brand your store.
Module 3: Product Research Academy
In this module, Harry covers the following topics:
– What the criteria are for winning products, and which products to avoid
– How to find high quality suppliers on AliExpress.
– Product finding hacks that help you find products via Facebook, Google, Instagram, AliExpress and using several different tools and websites.
This is a great module on product research. The highlight for me me is a great app that notifies you when competitors upload a new product. This takes away all the time and effort of finding your own winning products.
Module 4: Taking Your Store To The Next Level
The information in this section separates the amateurs from the real top 7-figure Ecom earners.
Harry uncovers the top conversion rate hacks so your store will turn visitors into buyers. He focuses on Upsells, how to increase your customer LTV (Life-Time Value = making them loyal to your brand), optimizing your site to the max. 
Harry also talks about GDPR and how it affects you if you sell in the EU.
Module 5: Facebook Ads Academy
Module 5 is split into 5 sub-sections: Fundamentals, Retargeting, Scaling, Targeting and Testing.

Harry teaches you up-to-date proven strategies for everything from laser targeting customers, to testing products. Being a lifelong member, you also have access to any updates and new methods and strategies as they are tested and become available.
Harry claims that you will be able to scale your ads and drive sales to 6-figures per month and then re-target them to make even more profit.
Module 6: Back-end Email Profits 

Harry shows you how to automate your email marketing systems that will save you time and effort. He gives you “proven” copy and paste, high-converting templates that will build your email list and create a “predictable” flow of money each month.

Module 6 contains 10 tutorials with a total lesson length 2 hours and 31 minutes.

Module 7: Business Operation & Growth
Learn how to effectively manage your business. Grow your Ecommerce Empire and outsource the work so you can spend more of your time doing the things you love.
Once you have a bulletproof system in place, the sky is the limit. Harry’s system includes managing and fulfilling orders, hiring employees, brand building, and more.

Module 7 contains 10 tutorials with a total lesson length of 1 hour and 58 minutes. 
Resources Section
The resources section contains 16 PDF documents that Harry refers to during the course. They range from Email Templates to documents that contain Links to Top Viral Ads. 
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