Jakob Greenfeld – Scraping The Web For Fun & Profit

Jakob Greenfeld – Scraping The Web For Fun & Profit . In the past 12 months, I built 5 profitable businesses and made over $100,000 leveraging my web scraping skills.

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Jakob Greenfeld - Scraping The Web For Fun & Profit

In this course, I’m for the first time sharing everything I know about the topic.
You’ll learn:
– The basics of web scraping using Python libraries such as Beautiful Soup.
– Effective strategies to speed up your scraping scripts and reduce error rates.
– How to avoid getting blocked.
– Advanced screen scraping methods that will allow you to scrape websites that require a login.
– How to reverse engineer browser requests.
– How to find undocumented APIs and use them to extract information that’s not publicly available.
– What I’ve learned about building and selling data products.

You’ll get access to:

– 10+ videos (á 20-40minutes each). In each video, I’m showing you how to solve real-world problems that occur when we’re scraping a specific website.
– All the source code used in the videos.
– All videos and content that will be added in the future. (I’ll be adding additional videos over time based on the feedback I’m getting.)

The course is non-linear and self-paced. This way you can always pick whatever lesson is most relevant given your current situation.

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