Chris Rempel – Masterclass 7 Figure Consulting

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Chris Rempel - Masterclass 7 Figure Consulting


Module 1: Million Dollar Service Models

– Understand what 7-figure projects actually look (real life examples)
– Discover the importance of proximity to value – so you can build services around small, focused actions that have huge outcomes
– Learn how to structure project scope to eliminate busywork and hyper-focus on what actually matters.
– Discover how to strategically “rig” proposals so they get approved easily, deliver obvious value, and drive huge profits – for both parties.

Module 2: Client Acquisition

– Understanding how to find your ideal prospects, based on critical qualifying criteria.
– Landing client #1 – a clear, step by step process, from first contact to the final close.
– How to tap “waterfall” channels, where key partners can continually introduce you to ideal prospects
– How lead generation actually works at this level

Module 3: Advanced Compensation Strategy

– Learn the art of crafting proposals & engagements that capture substantial value – without scaring off clients!
– Discover how to set a strategic mix of fixed-fees & performance variables so that you can realistically get to 7-figures by hitting reasonable milestones.
– Understand when it’s possible for equity compensation (and similar vehicles) to potentially generate huge windfalls, without sacrificing your baseline fee structure.

Module 4: Scale-Up & End-Game Strategy

– How to find world-class talent for key operations – and who you need to hire first.
– What “growth” looks like when you can only exclusively work with 2-3 high-value clients at a time.
– How to structure engagements so you’re not stuck with sub-optimal clients or projects
– Exit strategies in a consultancy – even where you’re essential to the business

Key Resources
– Access and re-purpose real-life proposals, SOW templates, agreements, pitch decks, and more
– See the real-life sales process we use to close deals
– Once you’re ready to go, and if your services are a good fit – we can make strategic introductions into our network of founders, investors and operators. (This is gold.)

Deep Dives & Interviews
– Get access to exclusive deep dives & expert interviews, which we add to the Masterclass periodically over time.
– Here’s what you can access today.
– Deep Dive: 46 min retrospective & AMA session on a real-life 7 figure project ($1.025M net). Key takeaways, breakdown of compensation structure, what I’d do differently next time, and so on.
– Expert Interview: 53 min interview / deep-dive on landing client #1, ascending in project size, what the sales pipeline actually looks like, and what kind of prospect list leads to 7 figure projects.

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