Kayla Sloan – $10K VA

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Kayla Sloan - $10K VA


Module 1:
What is a Virtual Assistant?

– The Definition and Origins of the Term VA
– What Does a VA Do?
– Designing Your Business: Deciding What Services to Offer
– No Education Required! 7 Simple Skills for VA Success
– The Benefits of Being a VA

Module 2:
How to Find and Pitch VA Jobs

– Where to Look First for VA Jobs
– How to Land Your First Client
Perfecting Your Pitch
– How to Get More Clients by Referrals

Module 3:
Pricing Services and Getting Paid

– How Much Should a Beginner VA Charge?
– The Foolproof Formula to Calculate an Accurate Hourly Rate
– How to Raise Prices Over Time
– Stop Charging Hourly! 3 Other Ways to Price VA Services
– How to Send Invoices and What You Need to Know About PayPal

Module 4:
Building Client Relationships the Right Way

6 Must-Haves for Your VA Contract
– How to Onboard Your Clients Like a Pro
– Setting Client Boundaries
– Overcoming 6 Common Client Objections
– How to Part Ways Gracefully When You Fire a Client

Module 5:
Running the Day-to-Day as a $10K VA

– Creating a Schedule that Works
Productivity: How to Get a Lot Done in a Little Amount of Time
– Juggling Multiple Client Responsibilities

Module 6:
Making Your Business Legit

– Building a Portfolio
– How to Market Your Business
– Do You Need a Business Plan?
– An Introduction to Taxes
– Deciding How to Pay Yourself
– Defending Your Workday

Module 7:
Up-Level your VA Business

– Earning More as a One Woman (or Man) Show
– Creating Systems for Faster Work
– Outsourcing and Creating a VA Agency
– The $10K VA Mindset .

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