Dickie Bush – Product Promotion Blueprint + UPDATE

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Dickie Bush – Product Promotion Blueprint + UPDATE

Dickie Bush – Product Promotion Blueprint + UPDATE . File Size – 965.1 MB .

Digital Businesses are remarkably simple—with almost unlimited upside.
3 weeks of planning and execution can lead to HUGE results.
IF you have a proven step-by-step playbook.

Dickie Bush - Product Promotion Blueprint + UPDATE

1. Private Espresso Hour Recording:

Right before our Black Friday campaign went live, we recorded a private podcast episode ONLY for people who purchase our Product Promotion Blueprint.
In this episode, we cover:
– How we came up with the idea for Full Stack Writer, and our framework for reverse-engineering lucrative digital product ideas.
– All the different assets we had to create for the launch, and how we executed our own Full Stack Writer playbook to do it.
– Our viral Click-To-Tweet flywheel, prompting thousands of potential customers to talk about the product for two weeks leading up to the launch.
– Our open/close cart strategy, and why we reframed our “$100 discount” as an upgrade credit (along with a couple other secret pricing techniques).
– And more!

2. Access To Our Raw Product Launch Files:

Want to REALLY see how promotions like this get executed? They’re messier than you might think!
We’ll share with you our entire planning document. UNEDITED. which includes:
– Our asset creation list
– Short social video scripts
VSL scrips for landing pages
– Early landing page rough drafts
– Newsletter ad copy & CTA/autoplug copy

3. Our Full 17-Email Countdown & Launch Sequence:

This is the longest, most in-depth “FOMO” sequence we’ve ever written—and we can confidently say it’s our best one yet.
Want to save it for your archives (and use it as inspiration for a Product Promotion email sequence of your own)?
We’re giving you all of it!
– 9 educational emails leading up to launch day
– 3 emails promoting $100 “upgrade credit” for the first 72 hours
– 2 emails removing $100 “upgrade credit” but adding 2-pay payment plan for the last 48 hours
– 3 emails upselling our Product Promotion Blueprint to anyone who bought Full Stack Writer

Who Is This For?

1/ Digital Writers who plan on launching a new product in 2024—and want a bulletproof plan for getting your first 1,000 customers.
2/ Course Creators who already have a product, course, or cohort-based program for sale and want to run an all-star promotion in December going into the new year.
3/ Coaches, Consultants, Or Trainers who just want a behind-the-scenes look at how a 7-figure product launch gets executed (in under 3 weeks!).
We wish more creators & entrepreneurs open-sourced their promotion blueprints. which is why we’re sharing it with you!

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