Thomas Brush – Full Time Game Dev

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Full Time Game Dev will take you from knowing nothing about game development to making money from your indie game on the Steam store. We’ll study branding, marketing, publishers, Kickstarter, C# coding, Unity development, PR, launching on Steam, and everything in between! After 10 years of making indie games (and also making a ton of mistakes), I’m thrilled to teach you what I’ve learned!

Thomas Brush - Full Time Game Dev

You’re Now A Game Dev!

How I Became A Full Time Game Dev
Why Listen To Me?
Course Overview
Start Selling Your Game…Now!
Branding Fundamentals
Create Your Website
Fishing For Wishlists
The What?
The Core Game Loop
The Stop & Stare Factor

Intro To Email Marketing

Why You Should Care About Email Lists
Creating A Mailchimp Account
Creating The Form
Customer Journeys
Growing Your List
Combining Email And Wishlists
The End Goal
It’s Up To You!
Is My Prototype Ready?
Pitching Your Prototype
The Nightmare Scenario
The Silver Lining
Why Kickstarter?

Campaign Ingredients

Ingredient 1: Your Video
Ingredient 2: The Body Content
Ingredient 3: Marketing Prep
Ingredient 4: Rewards
Ingredient 5: Feedback
Ingredient 6: Launch Prep
Should You Secure Funding?
Finish Your Game!
Requesting Steam Keys
Creating The Form
Find Testers
Invite Testers!


Create Your Trailer | Part 1
Create Your Trailer | Part 2
Create Your Trailer | Part 3
Create Your Trailer | Part 4
Create Your Trailer | Part 5
Create Your Trailer | Part 6
The Final Trailer!
Let’s Do This!
The Steam Cannon Ball
Pep Talk
Now What?
Steam Sales
Other Revenue Streams
Other Platforms
Indie Chat | How This 20 Year Old Went Full Time
Indie Chat | How This Dev Sold 200K Units
Introduction (Don’t Skip!)
Download Unity
Install Photoshop

The Editor
Professional Layout
Visual Studio
Creating Your First Script
Moving A Box
Functions (Part 1)
Functions (Part 2)
Quick Review
Install Packages
The Ground
The Player (Part 1)
The Player (Part 2)
The Player (Part 3)
The Camera


Cleaning Up Player Movement
Floating Platforms
UI (Part 1)
Quick Tip | Referencing Components
UI (Part 2)
UI (Part 3)
Quick Tip | Naming
Finalize Your Scene
Loading Scenes
The Game Manager
Preparing for Art
Project Clean Up
Choosing Your Colors
Illustrating Layers


Designing Interactables
Preparing Your PSB For Import
Importing Your PSB
Creating Prefabs From Your PSB
Building Your Level (Part 1)
Building Your Level (Part 2)
Setting Up Your Player Graphics
Animating Horizontal Player Movement
Animating Other Movements (Part 1)
Animating Other Movements (Part 2)
Quick Tip | Animation Errors
Animating Player Sound
Animating The Enemies
Particles (Part 1)
Particles (Part 2)
Animating Death
Animating Screenshake
Animating Gates
Adding Music & Ambience
Finalizing The Character Design
Controlling Titles
Fall Forgiveness
Player Knockback
Creating A Demo / Prototype Ender
Creating A Main Menu
Building & Uploading To Steam

Introduction: Let’s Create a Striking, Short Game for Free

Day 1: Brainstorming
Day 2: Gathering Assets
Day 3: Visual Design
Day 4: Level Design
Day 5: Adding an Objective
Day 6: Enemy Scripting
Assignment: Record the Voice-over
Day 7: The Final Touches

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