Daniel Throssell – The Market Detective

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Daniel Throssell - The Market Detective

What Will You Learn :

Market Detective is my original, five-step, graded system for doing market research on any freelance copywriting job.
It is as close as possible as you’ll get to a step-by-step system for doing market research.

Ask your client this. Check their answers for X, Y and Z. Call up this person, and say that. If that not enough, go to this website, and look for this. Send a survey to this list, and write these specific questions.
And – so on. Until your job is complete.

But here the important part:

This course is NOT just a list of actions, or questions to ask your client, or videos on how to browse Reddit.

I mean, I do show you every single step of the process.
And, I show you in more depth than any other copywriting course out there (because, frankly, who else has an entire course dedicated just to the research process? They always wedge that into one module!).
But that nowhere near all I have to show you in this course.
In fact, it probably not even the thing you will find most valuable.
The reason Market Detective is different is that it is also
The first and only course that shows you HOW TO ONLY DO THE RESEARCH YOU NEED TO DO. No more … and no less.

Here’s what I mean:

You do NOT have to call up 5 of your clientв customers on the phone, go out and buy the product, and create a 67-page customer avatar for every sales page you write. Especially if you’re earning just $250 to write it.
On the other hand … sometimes trawling Reddit and Amazon for hours from the safety of your computer (like many courses teach you) is just NOT ENOUGH for the job you’re doing.
But … HOW do you know when to do the different kinds of research? And when to stop?
THAT is what is totally unique about this course.
Market Detective gives you a five-stage, graded system for knowing exactly what and how much research to do on any job.
And I guarantee you have never seen anyone tell you this system – because I invented it.
So what inside the course?
Well, rather than throw in a bunch of bulldust bullets … I’m just going to SHOW you what in the course. Undoctored, unfiltered, unembellished.

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